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Retail, 10DAYS

Retail design for 10DAYS clothing store

Adres: Mall of the Netherlands,
Gross floor area: 87m2
In collaboration with: Redie

—Concept, Design and technical drawings

Retail Design Blog
For the Amsterdam clothing brand 10DAYS, ardor—studio developed the interior design for their retail location in Westfield’s Mall of the Netherlands.

Central to the design is a modular ‘shop in shop’-system made of two different elements.

The first is a clothing rack that can be used to hang a line of clothing. When turned up-side-down, it can hold two lines of clothing: a doubling of its capacity.

The second element is a white block that is stackable. Depending on the retail context one can use the block to build shapes like an island, stairs, tower and so on. The shapes display goods in an elegant and clean way.

Extra functionality of the blocks come from the invisible drawer, making the blocks a place of storage. Storage is essential in retail design, the hidden drawers save space while serving as display objects.

The blocks in this 10DAYS retail design project are used for display purposes while attached to a brand-wall, stacked as a tribune and as well as a cash desk. The latter includes an extra pedestal-block on the floor.

Mirrors and promotional image materials are presented in big sized, oak wooden frames, leaning on the walls.

The materials used in the modular shop-in-shop system and for the frames are durable and easy to maintain, such as stainless steel, solid surface and oak wood.