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Overview Fluid Sun Purple, Navy, Red

Sun Fluid

Furniture for your wall: Acoustic panels made of wool

150 x 150cm.
series of 6
year: 2017

— Concept, design and development

in collaboration with:
Studio Dongyoung Lee


“Three years ago, Korean graphic designer Dongyoung Lee and Dutch artist Michiel Hilbrink moved to a “woon/werkatelier,” a living and working studio for artists in Amsterdam — not originally built to live and work in — and became greatly inspired by their undefined situation. Their new collaboration, Things of Morel, developed at the intersection of interior decoration, object design and sculpture, and the latest collection, called Sun Fluid, stems from their own experiments with raw materials — raw felted and boiled wool for the center designs and frames made from pine. The strong felted forms, with bonus acoustic qualities, are comprised of large, wavy-edged forms in rich grays, reds and blues. It’s clear the duo finds inspiration in the furniture pieces of Donald Judd and the Dutch architect Dom Hans van der Laan — strong shapes and bold colors — and “although the Sun Fluid series are not considered furniture, for us they are a kind of wall furniture.” Check out the collection below.“